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younger brother Nacho

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Mochi is a three year old british shorthair boy. We started our instagram journey in October 2019 and got a steadily growing account. Our content is about daily modern cat, which stands out clearly from others with his Gen-Y like personality. The values that we are representing are high quality, sustainability and better things in life.

We decided to bring home a new family member in October 2020. Nacho was a 12 weeks old british shorthair boy and immediately became familiar with his bigger brother Mochi. Today they are inseparable and delight our followers anew every day.

Frequently asked questions
Mochi and Nacho are brothers by blood and it didn’t take much time to introduce them to each other. Mochi is exactly one year older and he still tolerates the dominant and hyperactive behavior of Nacho. It never happened, that one of them started a fight or something similar. They are always playing and ‚fighting‘ just for fun.
Mochi and Nacho are from friends, which had babies a few times. I can’t recommend any good catteries, but I would like to draw your attention to finding a good breeder, when your choice is not to get a cat from a shelter. There are so many scammers out there, whose purpose is not for animal welfare.

It is very important that the breeder shows interest, f.e. where their kittens are going to. You need to see the cat mother and please take them home when the kittens are already 12 weeks old or older. That ensures a socialized behaviour. They should be at least dewormed and registered breeders do vaccinate their pets.
Mochi had never a problem getting wet and always played with the tap since he was a kitten. He tolerates being washed in the bathtub, when it’s necessary. Nacho is the opposite and doesn’t like it. It is possible to wash him, but it’s not his favorite activity. I think you can’t really train them to like water.
We started going outside, when Mochi was about 6 months old. He first had to get used to the harness in our apartment, until we started practicing with the leash. It was a really long process and he loves to be carried on or in his backpack. He enjoys the view from the top and doesn’t like long walks. Aaaand.. then there’s Nacho. He is super adventurous and loves to run in every direction. He doesn’t follow us like a dog and we just enjoy the time being outside and walk in the direction he wants us to go. He feels safe being around us and especially around Mochi.
Both get up to 300g wet food per day, which contains at least 68% meat or more. They really love chicken, thuna and beef. I make sure to buy brands, which are soy-, grain free and doesn’t contain any additional sugar. Sometimes they get dry food as a snack (of course they love and are crazy about it).
It is so important to make sure, that our pets don’t eat poisonous plants. Nacho always ate the leaves of my dracaena plant and i gave it away to my brother. I can recommend many calathea plants. They are so beautiful and pet friendly. I already got 6 different types of it.

Toxic plants:

Aloe Vera Alocasia Ivy Dracaena Peace Lily Zz plant Jade plant Snake plant Orchids Poinsettia Philodendron Monstera Ficus Spathiphyllum

Pet friendly plants:

Spider plant Parlor palm Kentia palm Calathea Boston fern Pachira aquatica Some succulents Banana plant Prayer plant

We had this problem, when Mochi was younger. He started scratching our couch and it looked so horrible. He has often done it on purpose to get attention. So I bought a scratching spot for the wall. We placed it beside the couch, where he was always scratching. We placed Mochi in front of the scratch board everytime he began to scratch the couch. Sometimes I used catnip oil and snacks to treat him, when he started to use the board. After a few weeks he understood, that he will get positive feedback, when he’s using the scratch board and he finally stopped destroying our couch.
I’m so thankful, that Nacho immediately understood where to scratch. He just copied the actions of his big brother and scratched the couch just a few times.
I always take the pictures with my smartphone camera. I started with a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and switched to the iPhone 12 Pro in November 2020. For Editing I use the apps Snapseed or Lightroom. I don’t use presets, because every picture is different and I love it to get the best out of every picture.